Lions Club Varna was established in 1999 when Lionism in Bulgaria was at its dawn. Together with the other fellow clubs we have been working hard to raise the public awareness regarding voluntary service and charity work in all its forms. Notably, due to our commitment to the community, Lions Club Varna has earned the love and respect of both the City Council and the ordinary people. As a result the City Council has displayed our insignia on the front of its building.

Club Number: 061941

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Our Major Objectives

To create and maintain a spirit of understanding among the members of the society and the people in the world in general;

To work towards establishing a civil society and good governing;

To aid the social, cultural and moral welfare of the community;

To facilitate open discussion of all issues of social importance except strictly political, religious or sectarian;

To encourage the members of the society willing to serve it without personal or financial benefits, and to develop the spirit of good citizenship in the young people;

To uphold initiative and high moral standards in all spheres of life;

To aid and encourage projects aimed at enhancing harmony within the human personality and with the environment.

Club Priorities

Active participation in the life of the community via working towards a conflict-free environment, educating the members of society in the spirit of personal and collective responsibility and maintaining the principles of democracy and the civil society.

Our Major Achievements

The initiation and launch of the Special Talents Festival for children with disabilities.

Thefunding and compilation of an audio library for the School for Blind Children in Varna containing recordings of major textbooks and literary works.

Thecreation of the Lions Children?s Eyesight Centre which offers free eye examinations to children of all ages and works towards the early prophylactics of ophthalmic diseases.

The launch of the Prevention of Addictions Project which offers councelling and training to teachers, parents, school psychologists,etc. on issues such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco abuse and the related problems which plague our society. This is a large-scale project which is intended to encompass the whole of North-East Bulgaria.

A variety of charity events and donations in support of urgent causes to both individuals, community centres, schools and other organizations.


ØFirst and foremost, to maintain the operation of the Lions Children?s Eyesight Centre and continue the mass screening of eye diseases ( NB: as from the 1980s, no eye prophylactics is carried out by the state. More than 70% of the children whom we have examined at our Centre have been diagnosed with serious ophthalmic ailments of which the parents had not been aware).

ØTo expand the cervices of the Eyesight Centre to cater for senior citizens and patients with diabetes, glaucoma and cataract - the three major causes of blindness in our country.

ØThrough the Prevention of Addictions project, to raise the public awareness to a level of zero tolerance on matters such as drug abuse, alcoholism and smoking with young people.

ØTo launch a new project,Prophylactics of Osteoporosis, in order to offer yet anotherurgent free medical service to the members of our community.


If you care for all the children with eyesight problems, please contact and support us!


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